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A Lot Less On Bills

Lessly looks at your software and utility bills, then negotiates the lower rates for you. If we can’t find any savings, you don’t pay a dime.
Woman making a call, sitting by the bedside. As Lessly Negotiates the best deal.

What We Negotiate

In a business, there's always something — contract renewals, cost increases, or new vendors.
Whether you’re revamping your business or you’re getting your spending under control, we can help.
Woman sitting on a couch, looking at data on a smartphone. Implying Lessly is saving her money on Software
Microsoft 365 Suite, Slack, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Shopify, Xero, & G-Suite.
Using a mobile app, with a payment gateway on it. LEssly will help negotiate payment gateway fees.
Payment Processing
Stripe, Square, PayPal, Merchant One, Clover, ProMerchant, & Payment Depot.
A man sitting on a router, surounded by a cloud of SMS, email, sharing icon. Lessly will save him money on internet.
AT&T, Comcast, Frontier, Viasat, Verizon, Spectrum, Xfinity, Kinetic, & Windstream.
A mobile phone. Lessly's money savings provide users access to modern mobile phones.
RingCentral, Vonage, Ooma Office, Nextiva, Dialpad, 8x8, Grasshopper, & GoToConnect.
A man pulls back the facad of a website, revealing the underlying code. Representing Lessly's ability to help you reveal problems in hosting cost.
Website Hosting
GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, HostGator, Squarespace, DreamHost, Weebly, & Wix.
An array of computers, connected to a digital cloud. Representing the prominance of cloud technology and it's complexity. Lessly will cut cloud computing costs.
Cloud Computing
AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Red Hat, Verizon Cloud, DropBox, VMware, & Adobe.
A man, laid back as he makes money, based on the saving he gets, using Lessly

In the Next Year,
Lessly Will Save YOU Thousands of Dollars

Lessly saved us $1,300 on our Microsoft Office 365 bill. I couldn't believe it!
— Brendan Adler
Lessly helped us bring down our utility bill by $13,000 just this year!
— Camden Matias

How It Works

An icon with documents and an arrow pointing upward. Representing an upload ability. Showcasing Lesly's ability to receive documents through uploading.

Upload your software & utility bills through our email or text message chats.

An Icon representing a stack of documents with a check mark next to the stack. Representing auditing and audit trailing of bills.

We'll review the bills and let you know if you have the best prices.

An SMS bubble with a dollars sign. Representing the act of negotiating for lower prices and cutting down bills

If you don't, we'll negotiate lower prices before your next bill.

An icon of a padlock, representing Lessly's work in order to lock you in the current rates.

We'll even help you lock-in these new prices and get you ready for the upcoming years.

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Lessly will be there, whatever your needs.

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40% of 1st-year savings
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30% of 1st-year savings
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